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Preparing To Get The Most Out Of An Energy Reading

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In an energy reading, clients bring questions they have about their life and I go into the spirit world to find answers. 

Here are some examples of what you might ask yourself to prepare for the reading::

What is inspiring me to have a reading at this time? What do I feel concerned about?

What do I feel confused about?

What do I most want to know?


I recommend that you bring to the reading a list of specific questions you want answers to.

Specific questions bring forth more information than do general questions. For example a question such as “I'm thinking of entering into this training program, does it look like a good fit for me?” generally brings forth more information than a more general question such as “What should I do with my career right now?”

Similarly, if you would like to communicate with a person who has died, or with an animal; then asking specific questions will enable the clearest connection and bring forth the most information.

If you find yourself only having general questions, that's fine, during the session we can help you to hone in on what you specifically would like to know.

Putting the questions in order of priority helps make sure that we get to the most important ones.

Energy Readings usually last about an hour but can take longer depending on the situation. If you want to keep the reading to an hour please let me know.

Feel free to make an audio recording if you have the means to do so.

In order to schedule a reading, please send me your date of birth, the time zone you are in and the best number to reach you.

You can reserve your space by making a payment for an hour long reading.

For more information see Scheduling