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We spend most of our waking lives paying attention to the physical world.  When we have problems we most often believe that they exist in the physical world and look for the solutions to them in the physical world.

Behind this world we experience as solid and weighty, are vast resources of energy.  We all connect to this type of energy every day.  This is the energy that enables us to feel better after we walk on the beach or spend time in the woods. It’s why when we are freshly in love we don’t care about food; it is what makes mothers be able to lift cars off of their children.  It is the reason why some people can smoke all their lives and never get lung cancer and others contract it in their 30's after only smoking for 5 years.

Insufficiency of this energy is why people contract illness, become depressed, cynical or narrow minded and why anyone burns out on anything.  It’s what gives us life and the lack of it is ultimately why we age and die.

Because we rarely pay attention to this energy with our minds, if we acknowledge its existence at all we call it magic.  When we recognize its effects we call them miracles.

Yet this energy is ubiquitous and freely offered to us all.  In Energy Sessions I connect my clients directly to this energy.  Over time their body learns how to find it, absorb it and use it in their lives.

What are the effects in us when we receive the energy in these sessions?

We look younger.

Our eyes brighten, our skin clears, we seem to glow.

Illness disappears and happiness and peace takes its place. Opportunities come into our lives for making our dreams come true. We recognize and pursue these opportunities.
We increasingly:
    •    like what is good for us and are uninterested in what isn’t
    •    know what we want and don’t want
    •    know when to take action and when to wait
We feel joy in simply being alive.
The lives of our friends and family improve.

Click on Testimonials to read personal success stories.

The benefits of this energy have no bounds.  It is my deep joy to offer to you its gifts - they are our birthright.

Because this type of energy work is so unique, I offer prospective clients their first session as a trial at no cost.

All sessions are done over the phone,  typically last 60 minutes (but can be done in 30) and are sold in packages. For more information on packages see