Why is this happening? 


           How did I get here


                      What will help me feel better?

Sometimes we're lost.

We can have this experience in times of intensity when we’re overwhelmed.  Or the experience may be subtler; we may simply have lost a joy we once had, or wonder if there is more to life than what we are experiencing.

An Energy Reading can be immensely helpful when we feel confused about making a right decision, or we need more information before we can move forward.

In a reading, you ask questions and I go into the spirit world for answers.  Clarity about life purpose, guidance about specific present day situations, animal communication, contact with people or pets who have passed, these are all common issues addressed in energy readings.

Readings are done over the phone and typically last an hour. 

To prepare for an Energy Reading people make a list of questions they want answers to.  Specific questions bring forth more information than general ones. 

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Preparing for an Energy Reading

Here are some questions clients have asked me in Readings:   


• What is my soul’s purpose?  Why am I here?


• Why do I have this illness?  How can I get better?

• My family is going to move to a new location, which of these         places will most support our happiness?

• Someone close to me died recently, how are they doing?  Is there     anything they need from me or want to tell me?


• Why am I so exhausted?  


• I have this business idea.  Is it sound?

• I’m getting divorced, how can I do this in the way that is best for    my children, myself and my ex-partner? 


• How can I improve my relationship with my son/daughter?

• Why do I keep getting involved with people who don't really        understand and support me?

• I feel like I was sexually abused as a child, how can I know, and    does it matter if I know?

• My mother and grandmother died of cancer, how can I change      that pattern for myself and my daughter?  

• How can I stop overeating?

• How can I find a life partner?

• I really like this guy but something doesn't feel right, shall I keep      getting to know him?

• Why isn't my pet happy?  Why is my pet sick?

• Is this the right house for me to buy or is there a better one?

• I have a job I love, a family I love, I know that I’m so lucky!           Why am I not happy?    

Energy Readings

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